Our Advocates

Our advocacy services are provided by advocates who are independent of public authorities or agencies such as the council, Police, NHS, Schools etc.

Our advocates support those they are helping to put across their voice and influence and to argue their case when you need their expertise and to make sure that the correct procedures are followed. Being independent means that we are there to represent reasonable wishes without adding our personal opinion and without representing the views of the authorities or agencies

Our advocates can help accessing information needed or go to meetings or interviews in a supportive role. We can write letters on your behalf, we can also handle other services for you.

Principles Of The Advocacy Charter

Clarity of Purpose We have clearly stated aims and objectives and are able to demonstrate how we meet the principles in the advocacy charter. We ensure everyone we work with knows what we can do and what we cannot do.


We are independent of councils and other public authorities including NHS, education and care providers. We make challenges on our service users behalf when it’s needed.

Confidentiality, Data Protection and Safeguarding

We have a written confidentiality policy and make sure we take proper and protective care of information about you. All our people are safeguarding trained and experienced and DBS checked.

Person-Centred Approach

In most cases service users decide what we do on their behalf. We have a clear way of supporting people who cannot tell us what they want, to make sure their rights and interests are protected.

Empowerment – Voice and Influence

We encourage people we meet to speak up for themselves wherever we can we encourage people to think and review and evaluate our services and invite them to tell us their opinions.

Equality of Opportunity

We make sure that anyone who wants an advocate and needs our service can get one and we ensure they will be treated fairly regardless of their ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age or religion or beliefs or other equalities characteristics.

We aim at all times to be anti discriminatory and to promote rights and positive citizenship values, including the British values

We make sure everyone we deal with gets a fair and proportional time with their advocate.

Our Values


When we begin working and helping a service user, they will have a named advocate and a means of contacting them. We ask services users to tell us about our services and we pass this information to our board, the general public and others about how we are doing.


We try to ensure our advocacy is accessible to promote access Supporting advocates We ensure that our advocates are fully prepared, trained, experienced and supported in their role and have they regular support and supervision and opportunities to develop their skills and experience through individual and group CPD


Our advocates understand the different forms of abuse and have clear policies and procedures to follow if we suspect a service user is at risk or is placing any other at risk


We have a written policy and procedure explaining how you can give feedback and make complaints